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The Money Management Method

Whether you're building your life or cleaning it up, our approach to money is making money work for you, as opposed to you working for money.


Your financial literacy will secure your legacy and we are here to make sure it's a successful one.

Our Programs are designed to help your money stack so that you can have checks in your name with no strikes against it.

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Checks Over strikes

We help millennial entrepreneurs manage their money so they can clean up their finances and secure their financial future.

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Get to Know Us

Jane and Finch.

Trethewey and Lawrence Heights.

We're two guys who grew up in a space where the future for the youths is bleak and the life expectancy of Black males is short.

This life gave us the choice to be defined by societal limitations or by overcoming obstacles and we chose to live by our right to succeed.

Instead of setting us back, our experiences set us up to be the men we are today; with character and integrity, ready to help you create the wealth from your riches.

Credit, savings, investing, and  financial planning aren’t things that should weigh us down and unfortunately, they have for too long.

We’re committed to making money work for you instead of you working for money.

A huge game-changer for me. They have given me some much-needed insight into properly budgeting and saving money. With the guidance of Checks Over Strikes, I’m aligning my financial knowledge to ensure all my goals at met.  Our community needs this, don’t be a waste yute!

Roseanna Duke Inniss

They allowed me to SEE my money, as silly as that sounds.  They helped me track, budget, save for emergencies and invest in just under 3 weeks. Now, I appreciate my money and have put it to work (my money works while I sleep).  Dean and Craig are the truth man.  Thank you guys so much.  My future generation appreciate ya'll.


I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take 1 hour out of their week and focus on ensuring their financial stability. The M3 program took me from $4k in debt in December to debt free and investing in January! 



Zahna Dennis

What They're Saying

Kwame Opoku

Charmaine Wright

Read The Book.
Expand Your Mind.

Get access to the book that started it all. The "Don't Be A Waste Yute" financial literacy guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to get your money right. Visit our Shop to order yours today.

Our Programs

The Money Management method course

This online course teaches you what they didn't teach you in school about money.

The M3 Crash Course

Our 4 week group coaching experience will help you discover that you have more money than you think.

1 on 1 mentoring


Take your finances to the next level with 1-on-1 mentoring

that will help you start developing your generational wealth.

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